Located in North-Central Oklahoma just off of Hwy 81

Open year round!

High Point Community | RV Park | Enid, OK
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We expect all of our guests to abide by the "golden rule" and follow our guidelines and regulations while staying at High Point Community.

Stay on our spacious, 70 acre property.

If you require further details about any of our guidelines, please call our office at


Parking and Vehicles: Keep cars off grassy areas and street. The speed limit is 10 and 15 MPH. You are responsible for those living at your lot and those who visit. No more than two vehicles allowed at each lot. No second RVs, trailers, boats, work equipment, etc. without prior written approval by the Park Manager


Pets: When outside, pets must be on a leash and accompanied by their owner. When not on a leash, pets must be in a fence or kennel. No staking allowed. Keep pets away from other campers and out of buildings and showers. Please be tidy behind your pets and keep them quiet.


Hook Ups: One RV per site without prior approval. Please plug into the receptacle closest to your site (Custer Circle only). Leaking water will not be tolerated. Unhook hose during freezing weather.  


Adults: The person registering is responsible for his or her party’s conduct. Proper clothing is required at all times. No firearms, fireworks or fires. Quiet time is from 9:00 PM to 8:00 AM.


Children: Parents or guardians are responsible for children's activities and damages done by them.


Rent: Rent must be paid on time or you may be charged a daily rate. If it is over five days late, trailer will be towed at owner’s expense, at manager’s discretion.


Checkout Time: 1:00 PM


Loud Noises: Loud mufflers, radios and sound systems that are disturbing to the neighbors shall not be permitted.


Structures: Storage sheds, skirting, fences, carports or other structures shall not be put on the lot without prior written approval by the Park Manager.


Yards: Yards shall be kept free of trash and other litter and shall not be used for storage.


Crossties: After move-in, crossties will be put back in place. All vehicles must be parked between the street and the crossties on the graveled area. No moving of crossties allowed.


Management is not responsible for loss due to fire, accidents, theft or other conditions including acts of nature. Management also reserves the right to refuse service to anyone at any time.